POZZO is synonymous with quality, capability to adapt, flexibility, and speed: important skills that today’s industry requires.

POZZO counts both large and small companies among its customers, providing all with reconditioned and rebuilt units (even with its own drawings) and supplying spare parts and new sets.
All of this contributes towards making POZZO a European leader and a highly valued partner for many international companies, including Michelin which has worked with it for more than 70 years.
In the railroad market, POZZO has manufactured and reconditioned important components for rolling mechanisms and brake systems for more than 25 years. This market requires high reliability and speed. Even in this field POZZO has demonstrated its ability and value as a resource over time, providing its customers the advantages of its preferred tools: reliability, response, and quality. POZZO is expanding across Europe.
The company is broadening its sales network aiming at developing its presence in the maintenance market, which is the one it has invested in over the past years, and keeps on investing in significantly.
In the railroad market, but also in other industrial segments, POZZO’s quality is an excellent premise for a long and profitable cooperation.