Tools and abilities which make the difference…


Automatic warehouses are connected to the computerized management system and allow spare parts and components to be immediately available thanks to automatic localization.

POZZO is known for its skill in resolving difficult situations. Employing special tools, additional accessories, and highly qualified personnel, the company can rapidly respond to special needs for machining while providing the added benefit of exclusive quality. To rebuild mechanical parts according to the highest manufacturing standards, POZZO has developed standardized and efficient processes using advanced technology.
In the course of time the company has capitalized its experience and ability, creating a fertile and dynamic environment thanks to its years of experience identifying acceptable solutions. Valves, hydraulic and pneumatic plants, mechanical components: thanks to POZZO’s centenary experience, all parts can be dismantled, cleaned, repaired, modified and redone, while maintaining and improving the initial quality of the product. 

Cutting-edge CNC machine tools that are applied in an exclusive manner and which automatically recognize the parts to be machined.

Functional mechanical and pneumatic inspection of all components made.

Steam wash department. Highly ecological thanks to the limited amount of waste generated, this process allows parts to be prepared perfectly for painting without the need for solvents, respecting both the environment and workers’ health.